This site is meant to be a testimonial for all of us Central New Yorker’s. A place to celebrate our food, our sports, heritage, cultures. And a professional reliable source of information.

So to put it simply, the whole point of our blog is basically this…

1.Celebrate Utica-Rome and the Adirondack Region. We live in a superbly diverse area, with differing cultures, foods, landscapes, and businesses. I mean c’mon people…CHICKEN RIGGIES!

2.Provide accurate information pertaining to Real Estate in general. This should be #1 but food always precedence (even with Realtors).

3. Be a source for local information, including new  events, festivals, expo’s, laws pertaining to Real Estate, and much more.

4. Provide useful links, data, and external sources for our Buyers and Sellers. Because we all know, the internet can be a real doozy.

5. A safe place to ask questions. There are no dumb questions JUST SO YOU KNOW

6. Have Fun! Real Estate is a huge multi faceted industry. From property taxes to throw pillows, this truly is tricky business!

7. And…… a shameless opportunity to boast our awesome client testimonials, and successes. Hey, we’re just awesome! (According to our clients, that is)

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back and check out the site as we grow!

-Welcome Home Team