This article was written by a guest, Jessica Poissant of HUNT Mortgage.

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Meet the Mortgage Consultant- Jessica Poissant

As Part of the HUNT Mortgage team for over 3 years, and over 13 years in the Real Estate & Finance industry Jessica has expert knowledge of the loan process and she fully understands the ups and downs of getting a mortgage in today’s market. She takes pride in handling her buyers and clients with care and ease through every stage of the process! Jess is a graduate from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sales & Business. From a small town just north of Syracuse NY Jessica and her family love the outdoors and all CNY has to offer!

In her work, Jessica loves the opportunity to meet new clients and help them achieve their financial goal of Home Ownership.  Her previous clients will attest to the extra care she takes with each transaction! When your real estate agents are on duty so isn’t Jess!  You can count on her answering your call and questions during the weeknights and weekends!

For First time homebuyers or those who bought previously, Jessica will take the time to educate you on all the options that are available.  The mortgage world presents challenges and changes each day. She takes the time to explain all of details and options and truly keep you informed so that you can make an educated decision on what’s best for you!

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This is an estimate of the loan amount for which the buyer can probably qualify for based on his or her income, cash available and their credit standards under the lender’s guidelines. A credit report is run and evaluated with the borrower’s approval.  This is typically given prior to a buyer looking at property with their agent.

Pre-Purchase Commitment Program

At HUNT Mortgage we recognize the fear and uncertainty of obtaining mortgage financing for both buyer and seller is not only a concern, but also has potential financial risk. That is why we developed a Pre-Purchase Commitment Program that allows you to apply before you find the home of your dreams. Many lenders offer various types of assurances such as pre-qualification certificates, etc.  HUNT Mortgage offers a fully underwritten commitment, subject only to collateral conditions.

To make it clear to our buyers and sellers that our pre-purchase commitment is the “real thing”, we are backing it with a $1,000 guaranty. If a buyer does not close on a transaction do to the mortgage “falling through” we will pay the seller $1,000. We want sellers to know and understand the difference when they are looking at an offer as opposed to an offer with a HUNT Mortgage Pre-Purchase Commitment.

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HUNT Mortgage will attempt to beat valid competing interest rate, loan origination costs, loan discounts points, underwriting fees, processing fees, application fees and lender document preparation fees for the same loan terms.  The guarantee is only on fixed rate, conforming products only.  All facets of the loan must be equal.  We reserve the right to determine what documentation will be required to satisfy this requirement including but not limited to, reviewing the Loan Estimate and interest rate lock agreement provided by the competing lender to you.

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Please Note:
RESPA Act (Real Estate Settlement Procedures ACT) Requires any Real Estate Brokerage to declare any business relationship or partial ownership with outside businesses and companies. HUNT Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary of HUNT Real Estate ERA.